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Yemen Sidr Honey (Hadrami & Usimi)

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Get a 500g jar each of our Hadrami and Usimat Mid-Season Yemeni Sidr honey (total of two 500g jars).

Let your taste buds experience the luxurious combo of our long-praised honey varieties. We present you the Sidr Honey from Hadramout and Usimat regions in Yemen.

The Hadrami Sidr Honey has its origin in the fertile valleys of Wadi Do’an, Hadramout in Yemen where the Sidr trees (Ziziphus spina-christi) grow extensively. The numerous thorns on their branches are embraced by a bunch of yellow flowers that contribute greatly to the uniqueness of our Sidr honey, turning it into an exotic, liquid “gold”, known for its potent therapeutic properties.

The other jar in this combo contains the all-natural Usimi Sidr Honey that derives from Usimat, an ecologically clean region in the Northern Yemeni Highlands, nestled at 7,000 ft above sea level. The Usimi Sidr Honey comes with a honeycomb which is safe to consume and highly recommendable due to its great concentration of antioxidants.

The quality of our Sidr Honey is guaranteed and sealed with a generous refund policy. We believe that only by selling the best quality, we can succeed in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. Buy with confidence!

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也门 Sidr Honey 是世界上最好的蜂蜜之一。它的精英声誉是通过神圣的 Sidr 树 (Ziziphus spina Christi, L. Willd.) 的独特特征建立起来的。 Sidr 树具有独特的芳香气味,很容易吸引蜜蜂,这些蜜蜂期待在这些树的花冠中享用丰盛的盛宴。花中产生的花蜜非常有效,富含营养价值,有助于蜂蜜的药用价值。 Sidr 树生长在也门的荒凉地区,没有受到化学品、药物和现代机械的影响。蜂蜜是用传统的养蜂方法生产的,这些方法只包括简单的工具,但经过大量的勤奋和保存完好的工艺传给了几代人。

不含杀虫剂、毒素或抗生素的产品。手工制作的原蜜含有重要的酶成分,通过最少的加工和巴氏杀菌保存。蜂蜜具有独特的风味、诱人的气味和无数的健康特性——也门 Sidr 皇家蜂蜜。

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