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자연이 심고 부지런한 유목민 양봉가의 손으로 채집했습니다. 매우 희귀한 미드시즌 예멘 시드르 꿀을 소개합니다! 이 귀중한 즐거움은 Sidr 나무(Ziziphus spina-christi)가 자라는 예멘의 Hadramout, Wadi Do'an의 비옥한 계곡에서 기원합니다. 가지에 있는 수많은 가시는 Sidr 꿀의 독창성에 크게 기여하는 노란색 꽃 다발에 의해 감싸져 강력한 치료 특성으로 알려진 이국적인 액체 "금"으로 변합니다.

This original Sidr honey jar was harvested during the brief winter season that occurs only once a year, when the Sidr tree’s flowers are blooming and rest of the plants don't. It is the season when Sidr honey gets produced in its best monofloral form!

This rare, royal Sidr honey is coming to you from our beekeepers and their beehives in Hadramout, Wadi Do'an and its surrounding valleys to be more specific. In this region, Sidr trees grown in seclusion, allowing for the production of this premium monofloral Sidr honey.


Wadi Do'an, Hadramout, Yemen

Every year, thousands of semi nomadic beekeepers gather at the Wadi Do’an (Do’an Valley), the birthplace of the Yemeni honey, in the Hadramout desert, Yemen.

What @akramcooks Says about our Honey

After trying our Sidr honey through his friend, Akram Said, the famous Yemeni Chef, reached out to us to conduct his genuine none-affiliated review of our product! Here were his words :)

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"Purest, clearest, cleanest honey I’ve ever tasted. With an unmistakably unique aroma. Magnificent. A rare bacteria led me to this honey.. I am recovering well with right diagnosis and meds too of course."