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Royal Sidr Honey

Nature's wonders have never tasted sweeter! Discover the authentic raw Sidr honey from Yemen!

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the sacred tree

The Yemeni Sidr Tree

All of its parts have therapeutic qualities, and it is a secret of the Royal Yemeni Sidr honey.

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Historical Origin

Wadi Do'an - Hadramout

Every year, thousands of semi nomadic beekeepers gather at the Wadi Do’an, Hadramout, the birthplace of the Yemeni honey.

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Indulgence and well-being in one jar

Hadrami Yemeni Sidr Honey
Hadrami Yemeni Sidr Honey

Hadrami Yemeni Sidr Honey

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size 500g

Planted by nature and gathered by the hands of our industrious, nomadic beekeepers. We present you our Mid-Season Yemen Sidr Honey, an ambrosial rarity! This precious bee-delight has its origin in the fertile valleys of Wadi Do’an, Hadramout in Yemen where the Sidr trees (Ziziphus spina-christi) grow. The numerous thorns on their branches are embraced by a bunch of yellow flowers that contribute greatly to the uniqueness of our Sidr honey, turning it into an exotic, liquid “gold”, known for its potent therapeutic properties.

This original Sidr honey jar was harvested during the brief winter season that occurs only once a year, when the Sidr tree’s flowers are blooming and rest of the plants don't. It is the season when Sidr honey gets produced in its best monofloral form!

This rare, royal Sidr honey is coming to you from our beekeepers and their beehives in Hadramout, Wadi Do'an and its surrounding valleys to be more specific. In this region, Sidr trees grown in seclusion, allowing for the production of this premium monofloral Sidr honey.

The quality of our Sidr Honey is guaranteed and sealed with a generous refund policy. We believe that only by selling the best quality, we can succeed in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. Buy with confidence!

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Wadi Do'an, Hadramout, Yemen

Every year, thousands of semi nomadic beekeepers gather at the Wadi Do’an (Do’an Valley), the birthplace of the Yemeni honey, in the Hadramout desert, Yemen.

What @akramcooks Says about our Honey

After trying our Sidr honey through his friend, Akram Said, the famous Yemeni Chef, reached out to us to conduct his genuine none-affiliated review of our product! Here were his words :)

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"Purest, clearest, cleanest honey I’ve ever tasted. With an unmistakably unique aroma. Magnificent. A rare bacteria led me to this honey.. I am recovering well with right diagnosis and meds too of course."

The Story of the Little Boy and Sidr Honey

A video capturing the story of a little boy pursuing his love for the Sidr honey. This pursue became a mission to preserve the legacy of this unique honey from Yemen.. Enjoy!

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